Just A Sec

We are excited to announce Golden Cage’s new educational programme in English: 'Just A Sec'.

During the pandemic, phone and social media use went through the roof - but misuse as well. Are your students aware of the online dangers that are right around the corner? What about sexting or addiction?

This is why our storyteller shares true stories about themselves and those from others in their year group in an interactive comedy performance, followed by individual assignments.

Together we will open the discussion about sexting and phone addiction in and outside school. 


The Format

  • Interactive comedy performance (45 min.)
  • Individual assignments (class with their own teacher, supported bij our coaches 3 x 50 min.)
  • Suitable for all ages at all levels
  • Also available in Dutch

Timing (example for 3 classes)

09.00am - Preperation by Golden Cage
09.30am - Briefing by Golden Cage for teachers
09.55am - Students are present
10.00am - Performance (max. 100 students per show)
10.45am - Break
11.00am - Individual assignments - part 1 (class with their own teacher)
11.50am - Break
12.20am -Individual assignments - part 2 (class with their own teacher)
13.10am - Break
13.20am - Individual assignments - part 3 (class with their own teacher)
14.10am - End

Good to know

  • Fits well within CKV, Burgerschap, Mediawijsheid programmes
  • Several year groups in a day possible
  • Fitting for the Week of Media Literacy (5 - 12 november 2021)
  • This programme is completely Covid secure and we would gladly comply with any further measures as instructed by your school.
  • The Dutch version of this interactive programme has been performing over 150 times since its launch in 2019. Since then, we received many requests to translate into English. Well, now we did!

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Golden Cage provides educational (art)programmes for students at all ages and levels. We've performed over 400 times since the start of 2017. In no time we have risen to the 8th place (of the 1200) CJP-partners. We always make sure that our educational programmes are suitable at all ages at all levels, so there are courses available for everybody. We are of course partnered with CJP.

  • Young, professional coaches and actors
  • Always available
  • Suitable for all ages at all levels
  • Performance at school
  • Covid proof


" The individual assignments are creative and very clear. Rianneke van de Weerdt, mentor Willem van Oranjecollege, Waalwijk

Veelgestelde vragen

Please take a look at our brochure for more information about the costs.

Absolutely, we are partnered with CJP.

'Just A Sec' is suitable for all ages at all levels

No problem: we'll divide the students in multiple groups. The second group will start one hour later.

We will arrange everything for the performance. You will receive the individual assignments all prepared by us. One of our coaches will brief the assignments and will support the teachers during the programme.

We take great care in following the government guidelines on Covid-19 to ensure the safety of all of those involved. In this particular situation: any booked performances can be rescheduled free of charge.

Please contact a member of our team to discuss the available data.

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